Too Much Disinformation About Vaccinations

Written by Dr. Dan Yachter



A number of studies have shown that smoking greatly increases the risk of death from the flu or secondary bacterial infections. In Lake Mary Florida and other places in the United States, children who live in homes with parents who smoke are simply more likely to suffer flu complications or even death. During the phony swine flu scare, it was shown that most deaths from influenza were among smokers and those with chronic diseases, yet the government and media made the public think that healthy individuals were at great risk. The law insists that the public have access to informed consent before an invasive procedure can be done — such as vaccination. But with all the disinformation out there, most people are not receiving informed consent concerning either the effectiveness of the flu shots or the complications that can result.
A study by the CDC found that 32 percent of the children that died from the flu suffered from severe cases of asthma. They died from an asthma attack and not the virus itself. Because the incidence of asthma in the population is 8 percent, this represents a highly vulnerable group. Many children with asthma also receive steroids, which suppress immunity. Other at-risk children are those with leukemia, lymphomas, and other immune-suppressing diseases. Vaccinating children or adults with immune suppression has been uniformly unsuccessful. The vaccine offers them little or no protection — vaccines destroy the brain cells needed for memory and learning. The worst case scenario would be to stimulate the immune system with a vaccine when the brain is already infected, or if a person has a pre-existing neurological disorder. Studies have shown that under such conditions, the vaccine can dramatically worsen bystander damage, which can continue for years if not a lifetime. For example, if a person had a small, silent stroke (that is, they are unaware of it, which is very common), and then were given a series of vaccines, it would cause the immune cells around the stroke area to become fully activated and precipitate a worsening of the condition. This could cause weakness in the limbs or interfere with speech. In fact, the vaccine is worse than an infection, because the vaccine will cause immune cell activation in the brain for a much longer time.
Ref:  Russell Blaylock, MD (Blaylock Wellness Report, December 2012)