The Kids’ Corner: Understanding Stress


Interest in the role stress plays with the dynamics of health has resulted in a proliferation of strategies designed to minimize or “manage” stress. To many people, the very term “stress” elicits a negative response. Yet the notion that stress is an enemy we must resist or manage betrays a widespread misunderstanding of the nature [...]

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Chiropractic’s 122nd Birthday


September 18th was Chiropractic's 122nd Birthday. Founded by Daniel David Palmer in 1895, our office set out to celebrate this great profession with a little fun for our patients! The week of September 18th, we played "Blackout Bingo" in office. For every patient that came through the door, they received a customized bingo [...]

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Crank Your Immune System Through The Roof, Naturally!


Patricia Brennan, Ph.D.  “Enhanced respiratory burst following chiropractic adjustments” - *The Science Says:  Abstract:  Spinal adjustments can have a positive effect on immune function. A growing number of researchers who are exploring the common denominators in disease processes, and the role of the nervous, immune, and hormonal systems in development of immune related illnesses.     [...]

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Fact or Fiction?


Written by Dr. Dan Yachter   Can lifestyle changes such as exercise, nutrition, and chiropractic work better than pharmaceuticals? The science says… Reduction in the incidence of type 2 diabetes with lifestyle intervention or metformin?  The New England Journal of Medicine, 346 (6). pp. 393-403. ABSTRACT Background: Type 2 diabetes affects approximately 8 [...]

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Why you still need an adjustment when you’re sick


Written by Dr. Dan Yachter   HEALING BASICS The brain and spinal cord run, coordinate, control, harmonize and govern every aspect of your health and your existence. God put the most amazing healing power in the brain and spinal cord. This power is what runs your body and heals your body. Without [...]

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Inflammation, Cytokines, C-Reactive Protein And The Aging Process (or Un-process)


Written by Dr. Dan Yachter   As humans age, there is a systemic increase in inflammatory cytokines (destructive cell-signaling chemicals) that contribute to virtually every degenerative disease.  While inflammatory cytokines can cause agonizing pain as in arthritis, they also disrupt the linings of our arteries, mutate DNA, and degrade brain cells.  Chronic [...]

Inflammation, Cytokines, C-Reactive Protein And The Aging Process (or Un-process)2017-07-11T17:14:27+00:00
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