This year alone, over 1.7 million Americans will be diagnosed with CANCER and 33% of those people will die. Every 30 seconds somebody is diagnosed.  And the numbers continue to grow worse with each passing year, despite more medical inventions and technology promising early detection. It is a known fact that current treatments like radiation, chemotherapy and surgery have been gigantic failures.
     Did you know that most people ignore the very symptoms that, if listened to, could potentially save their lives? They are often ignored because doctors never educate their patients as to what a cancer symptom actually looks like.

Some of the ignored early symptoms are:


  1. Frequent fevers or infections
  2. Wheezing or shortness of breath
  3. Swallowing problems
  4. Unexplained weight loss
  5. Bowel problems
  6. Changes in fingernails
  7. Chronic heartburn
  8. Unusually heavy or painful periods or bleeding between periods
  9. Weakness/Fatigue
  10. Red, sore or swollen breast
  11. Nipple changes
  12. Testicular swelling or lump
  13. Nipple discharge
  14. Pain or burning during urination
  15. Difficulty Urinating or changes in flow

Your body could be talking to you and warning you of danger. Don’t make the costly mistake of not listening. These early warning signs can be alerting you of cancer growth and tumor formation inside your body? Taking action on the above symptoms can be a matter of LIFE AND DEATH.
Remember, cancer prevention is possible,
but only when you possess the RIGHT knowledge.

What you’ll learn at our Cancer Prevention Blockbuster Workshop Event:

  • The only true “cure” for cancer
  • The real reason cancer develops
  • The 4 keys that will DRAMATICALLY reduce your odds of dying a painful cancer death
  • The common, “everyday” drug that increases your risk of developing breast cancer by 80%
  • The common female procedure which is one of the leading causes of cancer
  • Why the PSA test may not be right for you

*Please call the office to confirm registration ASAP for you and your guests. Registration is filling up fast.  (Monday, 10/14 @ 6:00pm).