Much of what happens to us is not within our control but when it comes to our health, we can do much to affect the outcome of our quality of life. And it’s only when we begin possessing right and timely knowledge can we take control of our health.

The focus of this month is Diabetes awareness. Diabetes happens to be one of the fastest growing diseases in the U.S. and in fact one of the deadliest. There is so much we can do to stave off this disease as well as combat its deadly affects once it has arrived.

Restoration and then preservation of the sugar regulating physiology of the body is paramount if we are ever going to tame the diabetes monster. Without question, diabetes is the most devastating pathology and challenge the human body can experience. The reason why is that so many things go wrong at once and so many body parts are affected simultaneously, that the quality of life impact on a physical, emotional and social level is enormous.


Some of the long-term complications of diabetes are the following:


Ø  Blindness–24,000 persons with diabetes lose their sight each year (leading cause of blindness in the U.S. under the age of 65!)

Ø  Adults are 4x more likely to have a heart attack and kids 14x’s more likely to have a heart attack than adults and kids who don’t have diabetes

Ø  Heart disease (75% of all diabetics will die of heart disease)

Ø  Strokes

Ø  Kidney failure: dialysis $21,000/month

Ø  Amputations

Ø  Nerve damage/neuropathy

Ø  Uncontrolled diabetes can complicate pregnancy

Ø  Birth defects are more common in babies born to women with diabetes

Ø  Impotence

Ø  Hearing loss: 2.6 time more likely than in non-diabetics

     In light of the horrific fallout that this disease will cause, the sad truth is that nearly all cases of type II diabetes are treatable and curable with proper diet & lifestyle changes. At the upcoming Elevation Health DIABETES & BLOOD SUGAR CONTROL blockbuster workshop event on November 11th, I will personally teach you the most powerful strategies to guard against this thief of YOUR health and life. REGISTER TODAY! 954 472 6002