Immune System Dysfunction


“Absence of T-cells, immune dysfunction”.

This is the case study of a five year old male child. He was suffering with malformation of the cervical spine and severe scoliosis as well as poor vocalisation. In addition to this he had an absence of T-cells, with associated immune system dysfunction and he suffered from constant colds.

Surgery had been considered.

Chiropractic care was decided upon as the therapy of choice for this child.


Following a series of chiropractic adjustments the child’s progress was evaluated at a follow up medical assessment. The medical staff stated that the child’s condition appeared to have stabilised.


The child returned for care six months later. His vocabulary was now at normal levels and there had been no colds evident during these months. The scoliosis was also greatly reduced.

 International Chiropractic Paediatric Association Newsletter. November 1996


This case report discusses the improvements in a child’s immune system as a result of chiropractic care. In addition to this the improvement in the child’s scoliosis and vocalisation is also addressed