This is a case study of an eight year old female with a history of Attention Deficit Disorder, nocturnal enuresis and epilepsy. The child also had a heart murmur and suffered with hypoglycaemia. The child had been assessed by numerous specialists including six psychiatrists, five paediatricians, three neurologists and had been hospitalised 10 times. The child had been prescribed numerous medications including: ‘Depakote’, ‘Depakene’, ‘Tofranil’ and ‘Tegretol’. The child had been through a difficult birth where an emergency caesarean section was performed under general anaesthesia.

When the child was a baby the mother was informed that the baby was allergic to breast milk and formulas and that she was to continue prescription feeding.
At the time of presentation the child was wetting the bed every night and experiencing 10-12 seizures per day. The child also experienced frequent mood swings, stomach pains, diarrhoea and also attended special education classes for learning disabilities.
The doctors told the mother the girl would never ride a bike or be able to do what normal children can.
Following two weeks of chiropractic care the bedwetting began to improve and was completely resolved after six months.
The child was able to leave the special education classes and she entered regular fifth grade classes.
After one year of chiropractic, the seizures were much milder and diminished to 8-10 per week. The patient was also released from psychiatric care as “self managing.”
In addition to this her immune system was noticeably better.
And despite medical predictions she can now ride a bike and rollerblade like a normal child.
Langley C. Chiropractic Paediatrics Vol 1 No. 1, April, 1994.