Patricia Brennan, Ph.D.  “Enhanced respiratory burst following chiropractic adjustments” –

*The Science Says: 

Abstract:  Spinal adjustments can have a positive effect on immune function. A growing number of researchers who are exploring the common denominators in disease processes, and the role of the nervous, immune, and hormonal systems in development of immune related illnesses.    

crank your immune systemObjectives:  The purpose of this project is to evaluate the acute effects of chiropractic on the immune system. Chiropractic corrects spinal abnormalities called vertebral subluxations that result in interference of the nervous system by placing pressure on nerves. Since the nervous system controls all functions of the body — including the immune system — chiropractic care can have a positive effect on immune function. “Contemporary research is beginning to shed light on the neurobiological mechanisms which may explain the outstanding clinical results chiropractors have experienced when managing patients with viral and infectious diseases,” stated Dr. Christopher Kent.

*The Art Says:   

Intervention and Outcome: When a chiropractic adjustment was applied to the middle back, the response of polymorphonuclear neutrophils (white blood cells) taken from blood collected 15 minutes after the adjustment was significantly higher than blood collected 15 minutes before and 30 and 45 minutes after the chiropractic procedure.

Conclusions: This research demonstrated an “enhanced respiratory burst” following the chiropractic adjustment. This “burst” is needed for our immune cells to destroy invading viruses and bacteria. 

*The Philosophy Says:

Principle #23:  The Function of Innate Intelligence. The function of the body’s innate intelligence is to adapt universal forces and matter for use in the body, so that all parts of the body will have coordinated action for mutual benefit.

     In order to possess strong immune system function, many systems of the body must work in concert. It is through the cooperation and coordination of the psycho-neuro-endo-immunological (brain-hormone-immune connection) systems that a high level of health and well-being can occur. Of course, the orchestrator of this wonderful symphony is innate intelligence. Innate adapts all outside stressors (chemical, emotional, physical/biomechanical) to be used in the body. She communicates to all 200 trillion cells of the body in regards to how and when stress should be responded to and processed.

     All principles tend to be simple in nature and chiropractic principle and practice is no exception. As we have mentioned numerous times, the brain communicates innate/LIFE force through the spine/spinal cord out to the organs of the body and bathes every tissue cell with the power to heal and rejuvenate. If bones of the spine subluxate, they create an interference or blockage to normal communication or expression of life/innate. The chiropractor’s job is to locate and correct this interference. By removing the CAUSE of DIS-EASE, brain-body communication is strengthened, thus allowing the natural healing powers of the body to go to work.

Shout it from the rooftops!  Tell every person you know that healing only comes from inside-out, not outside-in!

Article written by Dr. Dan Yachter, D.C.

Ref: B.J. Palmer, D.C. 33 Principles of Chiropractic