Dr. Jim and his staff are wonderful. They truly care about their patients and go out of their way to care for them. I always felt special when I was in and felt amazing after each adjustment. By far my favorite chiropractor ever!! I always recommend him to friends.

Dr. Dan and his staff are super professional and friendly. He is great to talk to and very understanding. I highly recommend his office and services. God bless!

Dr. Jim is an awesome Chiropractor! Before working on me he took x-rays and sat down with me to set health goals. After a full explanation and answering all my questions then Dr. Jim started to work on my neck and back. I feel so much better now, and I would highly recommend anyone to see Dr. Jim for their chiropractor needs.

Before I met Dr. Dan I was anti-chiropractic! I didn’t understand the importance of having your spine adjusted on a regular basis. After being a part of his practice for years and seeing the results it has had on my health, I’m a believer! It’s not just any chiropractor I believe in, it’s the principles and ethics they teach at Elevation Health that changed my life!

When hospital couldn’t find what was causing my arm’s to go dead dr dan was a life saver.dr dan and his staff are some of the most caring people i have ever met. Thanks to dr dan i have regained the use of arms and hands with no pain or numbness. God does move in mysterious ways.

Thank You Dr.Dan for the excellent adjustments over the years. Very much appreciated. Using that as my starting point, add the information I glean from the monthly workshops, and changing out my lifestyle in accordance to the healthy program motivates me to put into motion plus movement equals there are No Limits to climbing to the mountaintop!

Dr. Lacy is awesome! She truly cares about getting her patients better. I love that she always has the most up to date techniques and health tips. She has helped me with headaches, neck and back pain and overall energy.

I have never met any type of doctor that cares so much about seeing his patients healthy as much as Dr Dan does at Elevation Health. Him and his staff all have a genuine concern for the well-being of their patients and even for their family and loved ones. It’s pretty amazing how much they all care, and the amazing results they achieve are the fruit of it. I couldn’t be happier that I found them. My husband agrees it has been worth every penny.

Dr. Dan & Dr. Leif are both super nice and always put a smile on our faces!  My Sister, Tanya and I have been so fortunate to find Elevation Health.  We are looking forward to living healthier and happier lives!  Our thanks to the entire staff for always being so positive and helpful as well!  Thank you so much for everything !!!

My wife and I go to Dr. Dan regularly. It’s over 100 miles round trip. We want to be well, healthy and feel good everyday. By having our spine adjusted, learning to apply healthy eating and exercise, in our daily living we have No Limits!!! as Dr. Dan would say. The staff at Elevation Health is Excellent!

First, want to say Thank You Dr. Dan. when I first met Dr. Dan he took his time. Answers all of my questions. He is truly concern about my health issue, to get me on the right path to enjoy my life to the fullest.

Since day 1 I have liked Dr. Yachter’s holistic approach to health and wellness. Since starting with Elevation Health, I feel like I make better life choices and my health is at its best. His office staff always make me feel welcome and at home in the office. Love going here!!

If you want to feel good and have excellent health you need to visit Dr. Dan Yachter located at Elevation Health, located in Lake Mary. He is like no other doctor because he addresses the cause, not the symptom. If you want to get well and improve your body make an appointment with him.

Since going to see Dr. Dan Yachter I have felt my neck pain and tension headache subside greatly… I hope to take back my health and lead a healthier life for years to come.

After years of neck pain resulting from an accident I finally went to Elevation Health. Dr. Yachter was the first Doctor that adjusted me in such a way that gave me relief. It has been worth every penny! I have quality of life again.

Dr. Dan Yachter and his excellent staff have given me a great balanced program of adjustments, exercises and nutrition to help me maintain a fine lifestyle that keeps me active, healthy and happy. Thanks a bunch! Dr. Chuck

My headaches are gone! Injuries from car wreck caused years of bad headaches. 6 weeks of Dr. Stice adjustments and I’ve gone 2 weeks with no headache! Longest I can remember! Neck translocation rehab works!

12 years ago I met Dr. Dan to produce a marketing video for his facility. After interviewing 35 patients for testimonials I was blown away by how many lives he has saved. I am now 57 and feel better than ever. Dr. Dan changed my life!!

A rare treasure it is, that is found in this place. Begin your journey to healing here.

I’ve been coming here for years. I would recommend it to everyone. Dr. David Yachter is a life saver and the staff is amazing!

I had no feeling or strength in my upper back and down into my hands and no one else would touch me. After about a month I was able to feel and do all the things I couldn’t do before! It has been a few months now and I’ve had such improvement I will continue coming and won’t see anyone else.

I can’t begin to tell you the wonderful people that work and go to Elevation Health North Richland Hills! They are absolutely the best people. I love their personalities, the kindness they show and how much they remember for everyone that comes in.

Dr Lacy is awesome. Extremely knowledgable and talented at realigning you and helping with your aches and pains. I highly recommend to all. She even adjusts my four-legged best friend!

Dr. Jimmy Labrecque and his staff are awesome! I have received great chiropractic care for several months now and I feel better than I did before going there. It’s very hard to find a corrective chiropractor so I feel lucky I found this office. The upbeat environment, friendly staff, and smiles are also a bonus.

Dr. David  Yachter cares about his patients. Staff is welcoming and friendly. Love, love, love the care!

I have seen a tremendous improvement in my personal self and wellbeing in regards to my pain levels, neuropathy in my right arm and hand, posture, and ability to sleep more soundly. I am so sure of the benefits of Dr. Dan’s chiropractic care that I have referred my whole family and they are starting to see the benefits too!

I’ve never met a doctor who cared more about both his patients and the work he does than Dr. Dan does. Dr. Dan, Dr. Leif and the rest of the Elevation Health staff truly treat each patient incredibly well.

Great and caring staff.  Always feel better after a visit here.

Dr. Jim is awesome. I’ve never had a chiropractor that cares about my mental stress as much as my physical stress and who works with me to reduce both. I always leave feeling better and knowing what I need to do to keep my spine where it needs to be.

Dr.David  Yachter and his team have changed my life. I’m finally feeling relief from my chronic headaches, neck and back pain. I’ve also lost 40 pounds and have received an education on my health and well-being that is immeasurable.

Thank you so much Dr. Dan for your passion giving people chiropractor care both young and old. Ever since I started visiting Elevation Health my life has changed tremendously. I’ve experienced a positive difference in my breathing and sleeping patterns. Can’t wait for my son to get his treatment started!

Dr. Dan and Elevation Health have really changed the quality of my life.  Years before I started with EH I was in a car accident and my back was in constant pain. Some days the pain was excruciating and others not as much.  I saw several doctors to see what they could do about the pain.  I was told that there is nothing they could do except give me drugs.  But, after I started going to EH for a few weeks and started getting chiropractic adjustments, the pain was gone.  And no more drugs.  Great job Dr Dan!!!

Dr. Dave Yachter has really helped my body start to feel good again. In only 2 weeks I have seen significant results in my ability to do daily activities and play sports. All the doctors and helpers are very kind as well.

World-class care. I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and am personally being treated by Dr. Labrecque in his clinic. Even Chiropractors need Chiropractic care!  Dr. Labrecque is known by his peers as one of the most skilled practitioners of advanced spinal correction in the DFW area. I would not drive 90 minutes per trip if I did not understand the significance of my own issues, and have the knowledge that Dr. Labrecque and his team have what it takes to help me out. Thanks, Dr. Jim!

Dr. Lacy offers the highest level of professional chiropractic care in a positive and friendly environment. She was very thorough in educating me on spinal health and spinal care and how these affect my overall health. She addressed my individual needs and customized my total care to improve my total health.

I am delighted to tell you the difference Dr. Yachter and his chiropractic care has made in my life… Dr. Yachter, is determined to correct your chiropractic problem…he is not content to help you cope.  So if you are serious are about getting healed, this is your answer to prayer.  I am living proof that his plan works!

Best Chiropractor I’ve ever had! This is a Doctor’s office with a heart and a soul. Dr Dan and his staff are the best!!!

My first time walking into Elevation Health was monumental for me, but my anxiety was met with honest, gentle, faith-filled care. I needed help, more than I had ever realized. Two months later, I’ve regained physical strength and stamina, flexibility and movement, and best of all – the pain filled days I endured for YEARS have nearly disappeared.

I have been a client of Dr. Dan for more than 13 years. It is a part of my weekly routine. I know that my health is 1000% better because of his inspired treatment. My first visit was because of a rear end car accident but it was the best thing that ever happened to me since it was the beginning to optimizing my life. In the last 13 years, I had the flu once but no colds, allergies or anything else but great health. Remember, if you don’t have health, you have nothing.

Valuable health lifestyle information and healing to the body by chiropractor service.

Valuable health lifestyle information and healing to the body by chiropractor service.

I have suffered from chronic migraines for the last 20 years. In the last ten years, I was having 3 to 5 per week, every week. After about 6 weeks with Dr. Dan, as of today, I have not had a migraine for 11 days. This may not sound like a “wow” factor to you, but for me it is awesome. I’m looking forward to the day I can say, I don’t suffer from migraines at all.

A Real Medical Professional…Not like many doctors that function using old science! Dr Dan is great with the most current medical science and really, really makes a difference in your life for the better.

I thought my career was over until I was led to Elevation Health. I am pleased to say that I will be going back to complete my career in the medical field and cannot thank the staff enough for giving me this opportunity to continue to better serve my community. I have been Blessed by such a wonderful group of people. Thank you so much!

I thank God for Dr. Dan’s call in life because he is not only passionate about what he does but he is extremely dedicated to doing more.

I have been under the care of Dr. Dan & his staff for the last 10 months. The knowledge I have gained & care I have received has changed my life forever. I always thought a chiropractor was if you had a “bad back”, ha !!! That’s so false.  It’s all about prevention, don’t wait.

Dr. Dan has a passion for my health through chiropractic care, nutrition & weight loss. He is so dedicated to his profession & his patients. Elevation Health staff is the best!

I feel better after my visits with Dr. Lacy than when I get a massage. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE a good massage but Dr. Lacy is correcting my health in a way that a message cannot and I feel so good afterward not to mention the huge improvement in my overall health with continued long-term care. Everyone needs chiropractic care. It’s not just for people who are in pain.

My husband and I are being treated by Elevation Health for the main purpose of improving our current overall health and our future health. We are now off all our medications, changing our diets, and exercising more. We are thrilled with the results: we are virtually pain-free; I have lost 5 pounds and my husband has lost 10.

The experiences I’ve had with Elevation Health is incredible. I had mercury poisoning in my throat for 7 years. I was about 280 pounds and when I started this health journey and with the knowledge I have gained from Elevation Health I am now 180 pounds and I am mercury free.

At EH North Richland Hills, I have found they have a total plan to improve your overall health. They dealt with my issues of sinus, digestion, restless leg and I have seen some big improvements. They work with you in a friendly manner to get you where you should be in optimum health.

Before coming to Dr. Dan at Elevation Health I suffered from lower back pains since my twenties (I’m in my 50’s). Even though I was going to a chiropractor already and what they did helped to alleviate the pain for a little while (maybe a week), Dr. Dan made it go away completely.

Great staff and never felt better. The information you get from Dr. David Yachter is awesome!

Before coming to Dr. Dan at Elevation Health I suffered from lower back pains since my twenties (I’m in my 50’s). Even though I was going to a chiropractor already and what they did helped to alleviate the pain for a little while (maybe a week), Dr. Dan made it go away completely.

I had major pain in my lower back. I could hardly walk. My range of motion wasn’t very good, I had numbness and tingling in my fingers, and haven’t slept good since 1990. After my first visit to Dr. Lacy, I slept through the whole night. I don’t have numbness or tingling anymore. The ringing in my ears is almost gone. I can bend over to attempt touch my toes without wanting to cry. So glad I came here.

TRULY AWESOME! It’s not just a “get out of pain care”,  but long term FIX you!  I had been receiving other chiropractic care but not getting better. Dr. Lacy helped me learn that I had scoliosis. I will never see another chiropractor. Dr. Lacy is the best!! 

Elevation Health has been my solution for chronic pain and insomnia.  This was my first experience with chiropractic care and I am now a believer!  Thanks Dr. Lacy!!

I have a severely degenerated lower spine along with spinal stenosis. I have been coming to see Dr. David Yachter for 2 years now, and thanks to his treatment I have significant relief. Thanks to him and his team of professionals!!