Published October 10, 2017

September 18th was Chiropractic’s 122nd Birthday. Founded by Daniel David Palmer in 1895, our office set out to celebrate this great profession with a little fun for our patients!

The week of September 18th, we played “Blackout Bingo” in office. For every patient that came through the door, they received a customized bingo sheet, a healthy treat (Sesame Snaps), and a “Pay it Forward” card they could pass on to a family or friend for 5 extra ballots. Bingo squares included liking our Facebook page, writing us a testimonial of their experience, taking a fun photo in office with staff, signing up for our upcoming workshop, and of course “Paying it Forward” where their family or friend received a complimentary exam.

birthday table

For every square they completed, they received 1 ballot (unless otherwise stated). Some were even determined to complete the whole card in a day!

We gave patients until the end of the month to complete these tasks. The winner will receive a $100 Thorne Gift Certificate, along with the “Core 4” products from Thorne.

We drew our winner this morning, and the winner is…….

RITA H.! Congratulations Rita!

All in all, we had a very successful September birthday celebration, and our patients had a blast! Be sure to like our Facebook page for all of the photos and videos from Blackout Bingo.

-EH Tecumseh