Currently our country has a HUGE brain degeneration issue: 

· 50% of all people over 80 yrs. old are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease or advanced memory loss.

· Parkinson’s begins developing 30-50 yrs. before the first diagnosable symptom.

· Depression: 6 out of the top 10 best-selling drugs are for depression and depression is an early indicator for high early dementia risk!

· You double your risk of Alzheimer’s Disease development when you’re a diabetic.

The inability to lead productive lives, which many patients face as a result of their brain disease diagnoses, is not the only loss of resources caused by brain disorders. Family and relatives carry a major burden in managing these diseases as well, leading to a huge expenditure of time, energy and financial savings.

What is the solution: PREVENTION! 

· According to the journal Alzheimer’s, Jan 2012, from a Mayo Clinic report: There is an 89% increase risk for developing Alzheimer’s/Dementia when eating a high carbohydrate diet.

· As stated in the New England Journal of Medicine, August 8th, 2013:  with fasting blood sugar rise comes proportional increased dementia risk.

· The journal Neurology stated in its 2014, October issue: memory function is directly affected by blood sugar; high blood glucose and insulin shrinks your hippocampus (memory center of brain).

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