Birth Trauma


“Birth trauma, antibiotic abuse and vaccine reaction: a single case report”.

This is the case study of a fourteen month old female suffering with delayed development, dysarthria, hypotonia, excessivecranial molding, photophobia and loss of visual motor control. The child also had a history of excessive antibiotictherapy and an adverse reaction to vaccinations.

The child was assessed by a chiropractor and treatment was commenced.


Chiropractic care demonstrated quantifiable changes almost from the first adjustment.

Following one week of chiropractic care there was a decrease in the  symptoms of photophobia and an increase in muscle tone. The child had increased muscle strength allowing her to be held against her parent’s shoulder with normal head control (previously the child’s head flopped backwards if not supported). The child was also able to siton the mother’s lap with minimal support. She had increased visual acuity, a decrease in athetoidmovements of arms, hands and fingers.

In addition to this she also exhibited an immediate change in her moods with a calmer,happier disposition.

Phillips, CJ ICAReview Sept/Oct 1996.

Yet another case study which illustrates the amazing potential of chiropractic to positively change a child’s life. This child had dramatic changes in all aspects of her life…a decrease in photophobia, an increase in muscle tone and strength, an overall change to the child’s general disposition.

Where would this child be now without chiropractic care?