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Abdominal obesity – (waist circumference)
Men — waist greater than 40 inches
Women — waist greater than 35 inches

Triglycerides — greater than 150 mg/dl

HDL Cholesterol (men) — less than 40 mg/dl

HDL (women) — less than 50 mg/dl

Blood pressure — greater than 130/85 mm Hg

Fasting glucose — greater than 110 mg/dl

Whenever we refer to type II diabetes, we should think of it as the metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome actually takes effect decades before overt diabetes develops.When scientists analyzed the Nurses’ Health Study — in which 118,000 nurses were followed for decades, they found that 10 years before diabetic nurses developed overt diabetes, the risk of cardiovascular disease for those with the metabolic syndrome increased 360% more than in those who didn’t have it. Even 20 years before, the risk was 240% higher.

For the entire twenty year follow-up, those with the metabolic syndrome and diabetes had a 500% increased risk of cardiovascular disease. This explains the finding that more than 50% of all diabetics already have cardiovascular disease when diagnosed and that virtually all of them have significant atherosclerosis.

The bottom line: hidden beneath the surface of a definitive diabetes diagnosis lie decades of silent damage caused by a disruption of the patient’s metabolism.

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