Announcing the Universal Traction System

Written by Dr. Jimmy Labrecque



As you know, our office is constantly searching for the best protocols for care and most recent research developments in the chiropractic world. It is our passion to deliver you the most effective program so that you can achieve your goals and of course, Live Your Life!

In accordance with this guiding philosophy, we have adopted the Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) model for our care. This is THE most researched and principled course of care available in chiropractic today, it is our honor to be one of the leading clinics in the world employing this method.

It is in accordance with CBP that we have implemented the Universal Traction System (UTS), in our Rehab area. In the short time that we have done so, we have begun to see dramatic results when coupled with the adjustment and home care.  The most current research done by CBP for the application of these units is that they are most effective as a ‘setting’ protocol. In accordance with this new development, we will be making the move in our scheduling to have ALL appointments for traction with the UTS to be done after the adjustment (with occasional allowances for particular situations or regimens of care).

The basic process for patients that are partaking in the UTS protocol will be as follows: Swipe in, Wobble, Cervical Traction / Prolordotic Exercise, Adjust, UTS, Vibe.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding this move! We appreciate you and are thankful to be a part of your path to the most radical health possible.