Case Report

Attention Deficit Disorder

An 11 year old boy who was medically diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder attended the Kentuckiana Children’s Centre in the U.S. for three years. He received chiropractic care over this time, in addition to other natural therapies provided at the centre.

This child had a variety of health problems. He suffered with repeated ear infections, consistent temporomandibular joint dysfunction and a history of disruptive behaviour. He was assessed and was found to also have heavy metal intoxication, food allergies, environmental sensitivities, and multiple levels of biomechanical problems.


The author of this article states:

“He has improved academically and has advanced to the next grade level…he recognizes that he has control over his behaviour and there is hope that he will be mainstreamed back into a regular public school setting soon…his mother says she notices improvement in his attention span and temper.”

Barnes, T.A. ICA Int’l Review of Chiropractic. Jan/Feb 1995 pp.41-43.

Another case study which clearly demonstrates that chiropractic may make a difference to children with ADHD.