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Elevation Health was the dream of three top doctors in the world who had a vision and mission to help as many people as possible live the life they were born and created to live.



We’re an international group of chiropractors whose mission is to ignite a healthcare revolution. Every day, we help the people we serve to create remarkable health.



All Elevation Health doctors have post graduate training in state of the art rehabilitative and corrective chiropractic care procedures. Find an Elevation Health doctor near you.

benefits of chriopractic care

The Core Four is the foundation for the values and care that we provide to our patients. With the Core Four, we address all areas of health. With chiropractic adjustments, your body will have proper spinal function and proper nerve function, allowing the body to heal itself. We address your fitness needs and goals to ensure that your exercise program is effective and results-based. Through nutrition, we ensure that our patients are able to make choices that provide their bodies with the proper nutrients that it needs to function at its highest. And, education provides the support system to the Core Four. We give our patients the skills and knowledge to finally to take charge of their own health by understanding how the body works as a “whole”.  Through the Core Four, not only does your health improve but you’ll be living your life at its highest level possible.

An Elevation Health chiropractor’s primary concern is the removal of subluxation by way of specific, scientific adjustments, most often done by hand. The objective of the adjustment is not to cure illness, but to elevate the innate healing capacity of the body.

The right type of exercise program can strategically create muscle mass, fat loss, and metabolic changes to stabilize and even reverse most degenerative diseases. Elevation Health fitness strategies are effective, results based, life-changing programs.

Quality nutrients are not only important but vital to our overall health. We make navigating through the nutritional maze of healthy eating manageable and easy! Our approach is a proactive, anti-aging strategy focused on quality with scientifically backed results.

Education is the foundation of Elevation Health’s Core 4. Our goal is to equip our patients with the understanding of how the body works, how it gets sick and how it heals naturally allowing you to have a true understanding of how your body works as a “whole”.

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“Prior to chiropractic care I had bad digestion, insomnia, and pain in my shoulder and lower back. I also had severe headaches and sinus problems. I never thought chiropractic care was for me, not in a thousand years. I thought chiropractors were for the badly broken and damaged. Chiropractic care has been a blessing to me. I now know it’s for those who need to be healthy.”

Lorna C.

“I have NOT had a headache since my first adjustment, the numbness in my hands has decreased by 50% and it’s a BLESSING not to have to deal with headaches anymore! It’s incredible how quickly my health has changed.”

Lisette G.
“Before receiving chiropractic care, I was a diabetic taking 3 pills of one medication and one of another, a cholesterol medication once a day, a high blood pressure medication once a day, and a baby aspirin. I had lower back pain and neck pain. Since beginning chiropractic care, my health has improved, my lower back and chest pain are almost gone, and sugar levels are lower than ever.”
Celia G.
“Before receiving chiropractic care I had prostate cancer, breathing problems, frequent urination, and improper sleeping patterns. After receiving care I found that it is much better than I expected. My symptoms from my prostate cancer have diminished for example; less frequent urination and I have more energy now. I tell my family and friends that chiropractic care is the best care ever!”
Dwight C.
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