The Kids’ Corner: Limiting Sugar!


It seems no coincidence that children are sick more often November through April than they are May through October. Sugar suppresses the immune system. Many children barely recover from the Halloween sugar, when it’s on to the Christmas candy season, then Valentine’s Day candy and finally Easter candy. Other than birthdays there are no major [...]

The Kids’ Corner: Love Means Sharing A Snack With Dad


Have you ever noticed how we, as a society, use agricultural metaphors to talk about parenting and education? We speak of raising children, just as we speak of raising tomatoes or chickens. We speak of training children, just as we speak of training horses. Our manner of talking and thinking about parenting suggests that we [...]

The Kids’ Corner: Understanding Stress


Interest in the role stress plays with the dynamics of health has resulted in a proliferation of strategies designed to minimize or “manage” stress. To many people, the very term “stress” elicits a negative response. Yet the notion that stress is an enemy we must resist or manage betrays a widespread misunderstanding of the nature [...]

Are You Paying Attention?


Learn about Metabolic Syndrome at our next Workshop on November 13th, 6:30 pm at the Lake Mary Events Center!  Call 407-333-2277 for details or register at the link below. Abdominal obesity - (waist circumference) Men --- waist greater than 40 inches Women --- waist greater than 35 inches Triglycerides --- greater than 150 mg/dl HDL Cholesterol (men) --- [...]

The Kids’ Corner: Fall Soccer = Will Play For Donuts


  The moment we signed up our kids for Fall Soccer, guess what happened first? Snacks. Snack schedules. Snack emails. Snack discussions. The same thing happened during flag football, field hockey, baseball, and basketball seasons. I scratched my head over this. The primary reason for having our children in recreational sports is to provide them [...]

Chiropractic Is Not Just A Simple Adjustment


After being in a motor vehicle accident 6 years ago, I had been suffering with severe migraines, neck pain and back pain. I have been through many different treatment plans elsewhere, and chiropractic corrective care has given me the best results. I have always been a fan of chiropractic care, however, was never introduced to corrective [...]

The Kids’ Corner: Are We Making Our Children Sick?


Got dirt? Chronic illness has become the new normal for children. Yet much of what is being done to children— medications they receive like Tylenol and antibiotics, the bleach and Purell we use to sanitize, processed foods they eat in school cafeterias and their own homes, and even time they spend trapped in [...]

Migraine Headaches Resolved!


Submitted by Dr. Dan Yachter:  I was getting migraine headaches and they were severe. I didn’t actually know of a good facility to come to, but I did some research and I found Elevation Health. 100% this was the place to come. The beliefs and the core facility here are fantastic. The headaches were 24 [...]

Fact or Fiction?


Written by Dr. Dan Yachter   Can lifestyle changes such as exercise, nutrition, and chiropractic work better than pharmaceuticals? The science says… Reduction in the incidence of type 2 diabetes with lifestyle intervention or metformin?  The New England Journal of Medicine, 346 (6). pp. 393-403. ABSTRACT Background: Type 2 diabetes affects approximately 8 [...]

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